Fall is Almost Here…

Fall is Almost Here…

Those hot days of summer whizzed by.

The hot Dog Days of Summer are beginning to wane.  The cooler weather of fall is just a few weeks away.  Fall holds some of the nicest weather in Texas.  October and November are the two best months for camping in Texas. At least that is my opinion.  The nights are cool and the days are decently warm for outdoor activity.

Did you know that the end of September and October are great times for gardening?   Yes, I am My Energy Lady.   Most of my posts are about energy.  But gardening is an integral part of energy-saving, too.  A nice yard makes it pleasant to open windows and doors, airing out your stale, recycled indoor air.  In many cases, the trapped indoor air holds more germs and toxic chemicals than the outdoor air.

A nice yard invites you outside into the sunlight, which is no longer so intense.  You can soak up lots of vitamin D.  This vitamin is best known for helping our bodies maintain healthy bones.  But did you know that it helps control cell growth, neuromuscular and immune functions, as well as reducing inflammation?  So a few minutes outside help you feel better physically as well as psychologically. (If you are interested in knowing more about vitamin D please check the references below.)

The cooler weather is as welcomed by plants as it is by us.  This makes a good time to plant some well-placed bushes and trees.  The bushes can act windbreaks for out cold northern blasts that hail from the Northwest.   As a windbreak, the cold northern blast is directed above or around your house.  This cut down the need to crank up the heater.

A row of bushes can shade your house during the summer.  That means saving money on cooling your house during our long hot season.  The brushy hedge creates some privacy for you.  It helps to clean the outside air.  Because bushes can do all of these for you, they should be an integral part of your energy-saving plan.

You might consider planting some edible fruit-bearing bushes. These bushes can give you all of the benefits mentioned and some vine-ripened fruit at its peak nutritional value.  You also, get to control what chemicals are used on the plant.  Hopefully, you will not use any chemicals.  Rather you will compost, use companion planting, and other nonchemical means to help your plant to produce a bumper crop.  Then you can eat your fill now, preserve some to hold you through the year,  give some to your neighbors, and use some to make goodies for gifts.


Some jobs require more work than others. Gardening provides a variety of exercise types for the whole family.

The last benefit I will mention is exercise.  Today we have machines to help with nearly everything.  That has made way for some new modern businesses collectively known as the wellness businesses. These businesses provide us with much-needed supplements and exercise programs.  A well-designed yard, front, back, and side yards can provide you with some of the best nutrition and exercise. Food from your own yard will provide some of the best nutrition.  The exercise can be a good family bonding activity. The satisfaction of a beautiful yard that you can enjoy with family and friends, is extremely satisfying.