Our Invisible Elephant

Our Invisible Elephant

Lately, I’ve become aware of the impact our devices are having on our environment.  This is a global issue.  The invisible elephant is in our homes, schools, offices, cars, everywhere. It is the excess energy that all things, living and non-living, are exposed.

To help you understand this invisible elephant, I’ll share my story with this elephant. For years I taught in the progressive, up-to-date schools of a nearby district.  This school district was adamant at helping our students learn to access knowledge using technology.  This is an important part of education today and should be included.

Several years before retiring, I noticed that my hands and wrists became extremely painful when working with the computers.  We thought it was Carpel Tunnel.  I could ease the pain by wearing supports around my hands and wrists.

I also developed a bump on my left forearm.  The doctor told me it was a fat cell that had gotten fat.  I went on thinking nothing of it, until recently when numerous friends started commenting on it.

Since retiring from my career as a middle school science teacher, I’ve started a company, My Energy Lady.  The purpose of this company is to educate and help people decrease the largest bill they can never get rid of, your electric bill.  This introduced me to the Invisible Elephant.

Last week I visited Nancy, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.  She discovered that I had a lot of Lithium in my body. My left hand and arm had more lithium than my right side.  I left with new knowledge, but little understanding.   Consequently,  didn’t change much.  I just tried to handle my phone less.

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Then Thursday morning I met a man, at one of my network meetings,  who told me that he use to build components for 4G and 5G technology. He made two comments that really stuck.  First, he said he couldn’t understand why our government was allowing such dangerous technology. He said the technology is dealy.   Secondly, he is no longer working there because almost half of the people he worked with have cancer.

I went on to my afternoon meeting and was asked by another attendee what I thought of the blue lights.  They had just installed them in her mother’s home to kill bacteria.  I asked her, “What bacteria is made of  She responded, “Cells.”  Then I asked her. “What we are made of?”  She responded, “Cells.”  All energy used appropriately in the right way is useful and okay.  The fact that they installed the blue lights in their mother’s home is ok as long as it is used appropriately.

All matter is a storehouse of energy.  Everything in this world is made of atoms.  Atoms are held together by electrical charges.  When the electron of one atom move to another atom a chemical bond is created.  As the electrons keep moving in a flowing motion an electric current is created.  All life depends on these electric currents.

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If too much energy is traveling over these pathways, then energy is radiated into the surrounding environment. All of our wireless devices tap into those radiated energy waves.  Since they travel through the environment, our air and water, plants, children, pets, and our bodies are exposed to them.


Our exposure is highest with our cell phones and other Bluetooth type devices. These devices give ua the most exposure because of their close proximity to our bodies and the amount of exposure at that close proximity.  These devices use lithium batteries.  Our hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles use lithium batteries.

With all of this information, I began wondering, what is it about Lithium that makes it so dangerous?  Lithium is #3 on the periodic table, directly beneath Hydrogen.  Hydrogen is the smallest and most active element in the universe.  This means it aggressively seeks other atoms or molecules with which to combine.

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When I turned 30, I had my first bone scan.  The doctor informed me that my bones were thinning.  I was told to take calcium supplements, which I did.  Over the years I took numerous other supplements along with the calcium in an effort to decrease the bone loss.  Over the years my supplement cabinet began to look like the one below.  But my bones continued to thin.

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Lithium is in the same group as Calcium and Potassium, both supplements that are supposed to help stop thinning bones.  They were ineffective.  Nancy, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, started me on another series of supplements designed to decrease the amount of Lithium in my body. In the last two visits, the amount of Lithium in my body has steadily decreased.  My body revealed that I was deficient in trace minerals, which is why my body hung onto the lithium. As the lithium is being removed the trace minerals are being added.  Perhaps that is why my body could not absorb the massive doses of calcium and other supplements.

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All of this has made me increasingly aware of the integration of all parts of our environment on our health and well being.  We need to do all that we can to protect and keep our bodies in the best health possible.  Once our health is gone, it seldom returns back fully.