Uncategorized Interpreting Light Bulb Labels

Interpreting Light Bulb Labels

In passing the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) Congress mandated strict new energy standards.  These standards affected many energy guzzling industries.  One of the requirements, to help the consumer with all the new technology, is that light bulbs must have labels, like food labels. Our focus for this article will be light bulbs and …

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Uncategorized How to Choose a Light Bulb

How to Choose a Light Bulb

  In our last post we shared the advantages of the various types of light bulbs on the market.  Those being incandescent, CFLs. Halogen, and LEDs. Within each of these types of bulbs is a dizzying array from which to choose. How can you know which to choose?  Light bulbs now have labels.  The information …

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